• Covid Safe
Covid Safe
Covid-19 Safety Measures

This continues to be a challenging and life-changing time for all of us. Each of us have needed to change how we do things, how we live our lives, how we interact with each other. This can be very difficult, and when it comes to purchasing or looking after your vehicle we understand you may have questions.

With many things different to before, one thing hasn't changed - you and us.

A family company since 1931, Harwoods has always looked after our customers and employees first, and we are not about to change now. We want you to feel comfortable making use of our services during restrictions, excited to see our cars, and continue to rely on our aftersales services. We want you to feel happy interacting with our team, virtually and when visits are permitted, enjoying the experience with the usual conversation (not just about cars). And of course we want to help keep you motoring with our expert servicing and after sales.

Lockdown Restrictions

In accordance with government guidelines, we are unable to provide access to our showrooms during lockdown. The restrictions also affect access to servicing facilities. However, we are here to help you in the same Harwoods way, using technology to connect you with our team, and providing the same service just with a few safety measures in place to keep everyone safe:

Contactless Appointments

Access to the same experts


You will be reassured to know you still have direct access to our team of motoring experts.

Start the conversation with virtual appointments available using platforms including WhatsApp Video, FaceTime, Zoom or your preferred platform.

Everything you would expect - all your questions answered, the same as being in the showroom or service centre.

Appointment pre-call

Before visiting us

Whether you are collecting a vehicle (click and collect) or dropping off your vehicle for service and repair (drop and leave), we have site-wide safety measures to keep both our team and you safe + protected.

We will arrange an appointment pre-call with a few questions to ensure the appointment can progress safely:

  • Ask regarding contact or symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Advise that face coverings are compulsory in line with government guidelines.
  • Explain our digital contactless payment transactions.
  • Reassure you that our appointments are carefully managed to give you space.
  • Confirm that sanitising products and procedures are in place.

Specific safety measures

We have safety measures in place which are specific to either Sales or Service activity, which together we must comply with to ensure safety for everyone:

Sales safety measures

Service safety measures


sales safety measures

Used car 7-day guarantee

We understand that despite best efforts, things don't always go to plan; your used car purchase hasn't worked out as you'd hoped; the car doesn't meet your needs; or perhaps the garage is narrower than you thought.  

Don't worry. We care that you are happy with your used car purchase, and so have introduced the Harwoods Used Car 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you decide you want to return your used vehicle within the first 7 days, let us know and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked

  • 7-Day return period.
  • 250-mile allowance.
  • Risk-free used car purchasing.


New car sales safety

From valuation to exchange, we are committed to ensuring the best part exchange experience, and will continue to do so with our safety measures in place:

  • Part exchange is by appointment only.
  • Your car will be appraised from a safe distance. Our team cannot be in direct contact with your vehicle.
  • To aid this process, you will be asked to show the vehicle, by opening doors, windows, and starting the engine.
  • Your vehicle will only be driven on the day of exchange, with any adjustments made straight away.
New car handover safety

Get your new car quickly with Harwoods Click and Collect. Once completed, we will safely handover your new car:

  • Vehicle hand over / collection is strictly by appointment.
  • Your new car will have been fully sanitised and stored ready for your collection.
  • All keys will have been sanitised and bagged.
  • Social distancing is to be maintained at all times, with our sales team distancing from your sanitised vehicle.
  • A contactless hand over with digital documentation and payment systems. 

service safety measures

Receiving your vehicle

Delivering your vehicle to us is a simple process, with a few safety measures explained during your appointment call:

  • We will confirm that your arrival is strictly by appointment only.
  • If safe, you will be asked to call when nearby so we can prepare for your arrival.
  • You will be given directions as to where to park your vehicle.
  • Social distancing must be maintained and face coverings worn whilst at our sites.
  • Once parked, you will be asked to present the key for sanitising and bagging up.
  • You must ensure all belongings, including children, are removed from your vehicle.
  • Unfortunately, waiting is not permitted.
  • Your vehicle will be sanitised prior to work taking place, and will have seat, floor, steering wheel and gear shift covers in place.
Collecting your vehicle

You’ve heard the great news that your vehicle is ready to collect:

  • Your vehicle will have been sanitised and stored for collection.
  • Any payments are made digitally.
  • Keys will have been sanitised and bagged.
  • Additional wipes are available should you want to use them.
  • Social distancing must be maintained and face coverings worn whilst at our sites.
Delivering your vehicle

If delivery to your location has been agreed, this will be completed with the following safety measures strictly adhered to:

  • Delivery timing will be agreed.
  • Upon arrival, all coverings will be removed and any touch points sanitised.
  • Additional wipes will be available
  • You will receive all handover documentation, manuals and keys in a bag.
  • You will confirm receipt to conclude the handover, maintaining social distancing.
Trust Harwoods Group

..adapted for the safety and protection of everyone.


We finish where we started, to reassure you that it is not you or Harwoods that has changed, it is how we do things.

We are the same family company with the same values, aimed at creating memorable experiences no matter what the service or product is we are providing for you.

We understand that this is a more difficult time for some than others; some things may be confusing or not fully understood. So please do call us should you need further assistance.

   The same Harwoods, a different way.

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We have prepared a risk assessment. You can read it here

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