Shining a light on our Mental Health & Wellbeing

Let’s not forget our Health is about more than what we are eating. It is about what you are thinking, saying and what you believe in.

For one week in May (18-24th) we like to help raise awareness around our Mental health.

Mental health problems can affect anyone and at any time, so this makes Mental Health everyone’s business!

The Mental Health foundation for example raise awareness around various issues that may contribute to our mental health and this year they are focusing on Kindness.

Now more than ever we need to spread some kindness. It has been proven that amid fear and worry there is community, support and hope. Plus, the added benefit of helping others is that it reduces stress and improves your own emotional wellbeing too.

So, why not carry out at least one act of kindness today, looking out for your neighbour by doing their shopping or walking their dog if they are self-isolating, become a volunteer or simply just reaching out to someone who needs a friendly ear.

#kindnessmatters #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

This brings us nicely on to our weekly pick me up tips:

If you have made far too many Banana loaves during lockdown, here are few more things to help keep you away from the fridge.

Healing power of Nature

Now we can get out for a little bit longer each day (following Public Health guidelines) take a 40-minute walk in a forest. Hang on... It is not all about dancing around in the woods and hugging trees (nothing wrong with that ??) but taking a walk in a forest is said to lower levels of stress hormones Cortisol. Spending time in a forest induces a state of physiologic relaxation. What are you waiting for? Get your walking boots on…

Do some cloud busting

Also known as cloud watching. Take time to stop, lay back and see what you can make out of the fluffy stratocumulus, cumulus and stratus clouds. It’s not just for kids, it’s imaginative and you can create whole worlds from the shapes as they drift by. Do they look like an animal, trees or someone you know maybe?

But please remember, if the sky is bright it is a good idea to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes!

Connect with your Ancestors

As I am sure you have heard before, this is not the first Pandemic the world has faced. Chances are you have a great great grandparent who lived through the 1918 Flu Pandemic! Perhaps look into how they survived using historical records? You could also find out more about your personal ancestry, which relative you look most like, which past celeb you could be related to and more.

Nasa needs you!

NASA launched a game for Mac and iOS called NeMo-Net. Players can virtually travel the Oceans floor in a vessel called Nautilus and the cool part is when you play, you’re helping NASA with their data and research. Helping to identify Corals from environments all over the world. one act of kindness done – helping the world ?

It’s not one giant leap it’s lots of little steps to get us all back on track together.


Tracy Davis 

Group Marketing 

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